Sunday, March 13, 2011

I Miss You Jalidia

Today marks 1 year since my beautiful little sister, Jalidia passed away.  Just thinking of that awful day makes my heart race, the memories are so vivid and so painful and so hard to shake, it's been difficult to sleep this week.

My heart hurts, I wish that I could see Jalidia's beautiful smile and hear her giggle. Jalidia always gave the most loving hugs and she never wanted to let go, I sure wish that I could hug her now. I miss my sweet little sister.

I Love You Jalidia.
 I'm so thankful that you will forever be my sister. 

God be with you till we meet again.


Josie said...

Beautiful post Jess! I am so sorry for you guys. These milestones are just unbelievable aren't they? I love the drawing of her with Christ, so glad you guys have that. I LOVE the one of my Mom! So great to see her beautiful smile in these pics. Love you!

Christy Wheeler said...

Thinking of you