Thursday, March 31, 2011

2 Wheels!

 Cooper learned how to ride his bike without training wheels about a month ago, it is so cute!  Last year we bought Cooper a Strider Balance Bike (it's a bike for teaching kids how to balance, it doesn't have any pedals to worry about) and he learned how to balance really well on it. So we finally tried taking the training wheels off of his "real" bike and he just rode right up the street! He still needs some help getting started because his feet don't really touch the ground, but he can ride his bike really well, he can turn around and everything, he loves it and Dane loves cheering for him!

Cooper riding his Strider Bike last year
This is Cooper last year with his Strider Bike


Josie said...

So cute! Way to go Cooper!

Eliza said...

Awesome! Way to go Cooper!