Monday, April 4, 2011

Baby Dane is 2!

My little man, Dane turned 2 yesterday and I seriously can't believe it! I am so thankful for my Dane and the blessing that he is in my life. Dane is such a sweet boy, we are very blessed to have him in our family.

Prepare yourself for picture and video overload

I love this handsome little man

Dane and his cinnamon roll breakfast

Cooper told Dane to make a silly face

Mason asked Dane how old he is... we're still working on holding up two fingers

Dane loves the motorcycle from Grammy & Gramps

Dane loves dogs. This is my attempt at a dog cake.

Dane & Cooper both love the book from Grandma & Grandpa
The book has Grandma's voice recorded, reading the whole book.

Who doesn't love to watch someone else's thrilling home videos? Here are a bunch for your viewing pleasure.  ;)

The next post is also about Dane's birthday festivities.

Saturday Fun For Dane's Birthday

My Dane is two! Dane's birthday was on Sunday this year, so we went out Saturday night to have a little fun. We had planned on taking him to the zoo because he loves animals so much but by the time the afternoon session of General Conference was over on Saturday and Dane woke up from his nap we decided that there wasn't really time to go to the zoo.

We decided to bring the boys to the Lion Exhibit at the MGM Grand to see them feed the lions... it was a flop. The lions were asleep, we waited around for over a half an hour to see the scheduled feeding, but they never fed them, the boys were super bored so we left.

After seeing the sleeping lions we headed over to The District at Green Valley Ranch to ride the Carousel a couple of times. The Carousel saved the day, Dane and Cooper both loved riding it!  Then we went out for some yummy frozen yogurt.

We love our Dane!