Friday, December 25, 2009

Tuesday, December 22, 2009

Winter Fun in Cedar City

Mason had finals a couple of weeks ago, he had really hard classes this semester but managed to get straight A's, Yay Mason!!! After finals we needed a little time to relax and have some fun as a family so we headed up to Mason's parent's Cedar City house for the weekend. They were there with us for part of the time too, and we had a really nice time.

It was great to enjoy some real winter weather, we don't get that here in Las Vegas and it really helped us get into the festive Christmas mood. Cedar City had a cute little Christmas parade that we went to, Cooper loved it!

I promise that we brought mittens for Cooper, but the cute little stinker refused to wear them. Cute little Dane peeking out.

We had a blast playing in the snow! We took turns pulling each other on the innertube behind the car with Cooper on our laps, but it didn't take long before the innertube got a hole in it and lost all of it's air...bummer!
I Love my hot hubby!
Then we tied Cooper's tiny sled behind the 4-wheeler and pulled it around. Cooper LOVED it and we pulled him FOREVER.

I wasn't as good as Mason at pulling Cooper, for some reason he kept tipping over when I pulled him. He didn't care at all, he just kept getting back on for more.
My turn for a ride.
The Frosty friend we made.
Cooper loved shoveling the snow.
He accidently poured it right down his neck. Oops!

Such a fun boy! It will be so fun when Dane is big enough to play in the snow with Cooper next year!

The Magical Forest

The other night we brought the boys to the Magical Forest. Cooper loved it and asks about 10 times a day if we can go back. After I put Dane's hat on and Cooper saw him he started laughing and said "Dane's a rein-moose!" then he remembered the right word and said "I mean a reindeer!"

We couldn't get Cooper to look at the camera all night because we was too busy looking at all of the cool stuff.

Thursday, December 17, 2009

We're going to the North Pole?

The other day we brought Cooper & Dane to see Santa. I told Cooper "When Daddy get's home we're going to go see Santa!" he said "oh, we're going up in the sky to the North Pole?" He is so cute. Lately he asks TONS of questions, he knows Santa lives at the North Pole so he has been asking me where the North Pole is? It's kind of hard to explain to a 3 year old where the North Pole is so finally I just pointed up and said "up there" I guess now he thinks the North Pole is in the sky...oops.

Dane loved Santa, he had to check to see if he was real.

Notice how serious Cooper looks in all the pictures. He wasn't scared he was just taking the whole thing very seriously.

Afterwards Mason asked Cooper "What did Santa say to you"

Cooper: "umm... he asked what do you want for Christmas"

Mason: "what did you say"

Cooper: "I said a gift"

What a cute, sweet little answer!

Thursday, December 10, 2009

The Great Santa Run 5k

On Saturday I ran in my first 5k, The Great Santa Run. A couple of months ago Mason's sisters Janel & Alison told me they were going to run it, and got me motivated to do it too. It was so fun! Now I'm kind of hooked on running, I want to train to run a 10k now. I hate running while I'm actually doing it, but it feels so good afterwards! Mason has been running for awhile now and it's really fun to be doing it with him!

Mason pushed Cooper in the jogging stroller and Mason's fun parents pushed Dane, they walked the 1 mile walk. Cooper thought it was hilarious seeing all of the Santas everywhere. He was cracking up and cheering, he loved it!
Finish Line

Grandma at the finish line
Grandma & Grandpa each pushed a double stroller
Dane, you cute little elf!
Alison & I with our cute babies

Our little group of Santas

There were nearly 9,000 Santas! It took a few minutes just to cross the starting line, and we had to walk the first 1/2 mile because it was too crowded to run at first. It was such a fun event!

Tuesday, December 8, 2009

Thanksgiving Weekend in Utah

For Thanksgiving we met up with my family in Utah. We all stayed at my Grandma & Grandpa Burton's house, along with my Aunt, Uncle & two cousins. It's a good thing that we all love each other so much because there were sure a LOT of people in that house.

While we were there we went with my family to see the lights at Temple Square. It was so pretty.
My cute sisters Jasmine & Janessa
Cooper got mad anytime we tried to take a picture of him.

Cooper loved riding on Grammy's lap, but hated the camera.
Studly Guys
Me with all of my brothers except for Jason who is in Ethiopia.
Mason with Josh & James
This was Jalidia's first time visiting Temple Square

Cooper got SPOILED by my family.
His birthday was on the 15th and my family was sad they missed it so they gave him a birthday party a Chuck E. Cheese's.
He had a BLAST!
I love my little brother Jared!
Cooper & Grammy
Dane & Gramps
Cooper & Aunty Jilli are always playing together!

Grammy, Aunty Jennalise & Dane

Cooper loves his Grammy!
Cooper & Uncle Jared