Saturday, December 6, 2008

Decorating for Christmas

This week we've been getting our house all decorated for Christmas, Cooper loves it! He was so excited when we put up the lights outside, that he refused to come inside the whole time even though it was freezing cold.

I think these last 3 pictures are funny because Cooper is holding the Christmas lights, etc. right in front of his face to show us how cool they are.

Love You Omi!

On our way home from Las Vegas we stopped in St. George to visit Omi's grave, we brought her poinsettias because those were always her favorite. We Love you Omi!


We spent this Thanksgiving in Las Vegas with Mason's family. We didn't get many pictures from the trip, but we had a wonderful weekend full of lots of great food. After Thanksgiving dinner we took Cooper to see Santa Claus with his cousin Drew.

Cooper & Drew practicing their golf swing

Wednesday, December 3, 2008


My birthday was on the 22nd and I turned 25! Mason and Cooper gave me a wonderful birthday. Mason even picked out gifts from River's (our baby boy due in April). Cooper & Rivers gave me lots of fun gifts, silly string, a candle, a BOOK of fake tattoos, they even gave me a little mini skirt camo purse! Boys are so fun, I'm so glad that my life is full of them!

We're in our BYU colors because it was the day of the big game between BYU & UofU

Swimming at the Temple!?

Cooper loves to see the temple, so while we were in Las Vegas we went to walk around the temple grounds after we went to church. We all enjoyed it, Cooper really loved the water fountain, so much so that he fell in.



Cooper is 2!

I can't believe it but Cooper is 2 years old!!! His birthday was on November 15th (I'm slacking, I know). For his birthday we went to Las Vegas to Party with Mason's family, he had an absolute blast playing with all of his cousins, they're all becoming such good buddies. I am so thankful for my little Cooper and all the fun and excitement he brings into my life.

Cooper blowing out his candles!

Cooper with all of his cousins