Tuesday, May 27, 2008

Now Cooper Wants A Donkey...

On our way home from the cabin we stopped with the Carter's at a little petting zoo place so that Cooper & Drew could see the animals. Needless to say Cooper was in heaven. It's kind of funny because my brother Jason is living in Ethiopia right now, he misses being by family so recently he e-mailed me and told me that if we move to Ethiopia he would buy Cooper his very own donkey. Now we might have to take you up on that Jason!
This picture makes me laugh because Mason & Cooper are both sticking their fingers through the fence. Cooper acts so much like Mason sometimes.

Freezing Cold Cabin Fun

Mason's family has a cabin on Kolob Reservoir down by Zion National Park. We all went for Memorial Day Weekend (except for the Bunker's because it's too close to Janel's due date). We were so excited, going to the cabin is always kind of like a kick off to summer, not this year. It was FREEZING cold the whole time, it felt like the beginning of winter rather than the beginning of summer. It was snowing on and off all weekend. Oh well we still had a blast, we just had to wear a lot more layers than we had planned on.

Such a tough little man-child

Target Practice (they were shooting at a dead mouse)

Cooper & Drew had tons of fun playing together all weekend. Cooper even learned how to yell (not say) "Drew" and he would yell it over and over when he couldn't see Drew.

Like I said, we had to wear a LOT of layers. Cooper is such a stud, he already loves the 4-wheelers. We went for a really long ride with Cooper between us and he fell asleep and slept for close to an hour while we drove around, I guess he likes being bounced allover the place while he sleeps. I kept wondering what he was dreaming about, those must have been some crazy dreams.

This is Cooper & his cute little cousin Parker. It's kind of hard to get two little boys to look at the camera.
Cooper's first time shooting the paintball gun.
Mason & Dennis even managed to squeeze in a training run for the Wasatch Back Relay.
C is for Chasqui. Go Team Chasqui !!!

Tuesday, May 20, 2008


Sunday was Cooper's first time golfing. We were just sitting in the backyard and Mason got out a couple of clubs & hit some balls around for a little while with Cooper. Cooper thought it was great! I'm sure that they will have lots fun going golfing together over the years.

Monday, May 19, 2008


The weather has been so nice lately, we even had to turn on the a.c. a few times over the weekend. We're pretty excited for summer, so we broke out the grill. On Saturday we made hot dogs and then on Sunday we made hamburgers. Nothing says summer quite like the smell of charcoal burning.

Monday, May 12, 2008

What A Wonderful Mother's Day

Yesterday Mason & Cooper truly spoiled me for mother's day. While I was still in bed they made me a HUGE breakfast (waffles w/fresh strawberries & whip cream, eggs, toast, bacon, cinnamon rolls & orange juice), when it was ready Mason opened the door and sent Cooper in to give me a hug. Cooper was wearing a t-shirt that had a picture of the two of us on it and it said "I Love My Mommy" Mason had it made and it was so cute & thoughtful, it made me so happy. Then they brought me out to the kitchen where the table was COVERED in food! I couldn't believe all the food they had made (mostly Mason, but you could tell Cooper knew that they were doing something really nice because Cooper was very proud of himself) it was Delicious!
Mason made dinner too, he made roast, mashed potatoes, broccoli, rolls, the only thing he let me help with was the gravy.
Cooper tried to do his share.
I am so grateful to be Cooper's mommy, and Mason's wife. This is the life I've always dreamed of, I can't believe how blessed I am.

More Water

Here are some pictures from Saturday of Cooper playing in the water in our backyard. He liked having Mason spray him with the hose while he was swinging, he would get mad when Mason would stop, it was pretty funny. He didn't even care that it wasn't all that warm outside, what a silly boy.

Freaky Friday

Friday was a really weird day. Mason leaves every morning around 7 and on Friday while I was still laying in bed I heard the back door swing open, it made my heart stop. About two weeks ago when I woke up I went in the kitchen and the back door was wide open. Both times the knob was still locked. My dad says that the wind probably just blew it open, but the wind has never blown the door open during the day. I probably wouldn't be so freaked out, but my next door neighbor (who we share the duplex with) really gives me the creeps anyway. Well, I just didn't want to be home all day while Mason was gone, so I called my friend Stacey we went out to lunch and then went over to her parents house to hangout for a few hours (something weird happened to her too so we didn't want to be at either of our houses). It ended up being a fun day and Cooper sure enjoyed playing with cute little Pearl.

P.S. Mason installed 2 extra locks on the back door & alarms on all the windows that night

Wednesday, May 7, 2008

Cooper Loves The Hose

It seems like whenever we are outside Cooper runs straight for the hose and tries to turn it on. Well, yesterday was really warm so I turned on the sprinkler and let him play in that for a while. When he lost interest in that I showed him how to make a water slide, he loved it! He played on his little playground with the water FOREVER!

Cooper is already such a cute little tease. He kept trying to splash me with water, and he thought it was hilarious.

Tuesday, May 6, 2008

Las Vegas

This weekend Mason had Friday off of work so we decided to put our 3 day weekend to good use, so we went to Las Vegas to see Mason's family. It was so fun, sunny & warm, it snowed here at our house the morning we left so it was hard to believe how warm it was there (it was in the 80's). The whole time we were there I think that Cooper and his cousin Drew were going 300 miles a minute, they both have LOTS of energy. It made us laugh to think of all of the mischief they will get into together a few years down the road. It was great to see our nephew Parker, we hadn't seen him since he was a few weeks old, he is so cute. Cooper has another cousin named Trey, who is just 3 months older than him but he was out of town while we were there, we missed you Bunkers! Anyway, we had a blast and we wish that we were still there playing.

The two bottom pictures on the right are of Cooper climbing the fence at the airport while we were watching planes.