Thursday, June 16, 2011

Penny The Puppy

A few weeks ago Mason came home from work with a cute little puppy for Cooper and Dane. During the day Mason's Mom called saying her neighbor had a puppy that someone gave them to find a home for, she said it was really cute, little and free! We couldn't pass up the opportunity, so Mason picked up the puppy on his way home from work and surprised the boys!

We named her Penny, and Cooper and Dane absolutely adore her. Cooper loves holding her and still says just about every time he holds her "I think she likes me!"

I didn't really want a dog, but I wanted her for Cooper and Dane and now I must admit that I really like Penny. The first week was hard, she barked nonstop at night because she hates being alone, but now she hardly barks at all and she is really friendly with people, which is great. Mason installed a doggie door and that has helped a lot with the potty training. 

We know that Penny is part Chihuahua, but that's about all we know, we don't know how old she is or anything.

Dane loves feeding Penny, he follows Penny around with little pieces of dog food.
Penny is a really cute little puppy, and the boys are adorable with her!
 We're so happy that Mason brought home such a fun surprise!

"Finally Got Graduated"

Cooper graduated from Joy School. He had a great year learning with his friends and going to all of their houses. We had a fun graduation pizza party at the park, after we got home Cooper said "Mom, I'm so glad that I finally got graduated!" He was very proud of himself.

Cooper just received his Cap, Diploma and Alphabet Book.

We missed a few of Cooper's joy school friends at the party, Kenna was out of town and sadly, Kallie and Porter moved away.