Monday, March 31, 2008

Sunday Drive

Yesterday we went for a Sunday drive up Farmington canyon, we found a really nice little pond that we stopped at for a little while. Cooper really enjoyed it, there were lots of ducks and geese. Cooper has learned a lot of his animal names lately, but I was still surprised when he said "duck" right away, and then he started quacking (thanks old Macdonald). Cooper was quacking for most of the drive home. It's so fun to have Cooper really starting to talk and interact, he gets so excited and proud of himself when he knows the word for something. Cooper standing on top of the world

Saturday, March 29, 2008


The other day I was on the phone with my mom and Cooper was watching "Baby Einstein - Neighborhood Animals" he loves watching it lately because he is so obsessed with animals. Well anyway, there's a part on the dvd where there are kids singing "Old Macdonald" and when Cooper was watching it he kept yelling something over and over, it took me a minute to realize that he was singing "ee-ei-ee-ei-oh." It was so cute! He kept yelling it over and over at the top of his lungs, you could tell that he was really proud of himself too. Yesterday I tried for like half an hour to get it on video but he just wouldn't cooperate, this is the best video that I got, I don't know if you can tell but he does say it once (minus the "oh") and then to tease me he mouths it to himself silently.

Tuesday, March 25, 2008

New Playground

The other day we got Cooper a little playground. Well, really I bought it and put it together myself. Mason is super busy lately so he doesn't have much time to do much of anything besides school & work, he sure works hard for us. Cooper loves his new playground, he was excited about it before it was even put together, he tried to go down the slide when it was just laying on the ground.

Monday, March 24, 2008

Easter Day

We had a really nice Easter, we would've liked to have been able to go to one of our family's for Easter dinner but Mason had too much going on. Mason's aunt lives here, and so she invited us over for Easter dinner and a big easter egg hunt. It was fun to get to know his aunt, uncle & cousins a little bit better. Dinner was great and she put together tons of fun stuff for the easter egg hunt. Thanks Biesingers for a wonderful time!

Saturday Easter Egg Hunt

On Saturday Cooper got to go to an easter egg hunt at my Grandma & Grandpa Burton's house. Some of my funnest easter memories as a kid are of the big easter egg hunts that my grandma always put on, so it makes me happy that Cooper got to experience one of them too. Cooper didn't care too much about the eggs on the ground, but he did think that it was a lot of fun to steal eggs out of the other kid's baskets. He loved playing with all of the little kids. It's funny, the kids there were actually my cousins, but you would think that they were Cooper's. Thanks for all the fun Grandma & Grandpa, We love you!

Thursday, March 20, 2008

64 degrees...

Yesterday it actually made it up to 64 degrees! Needless to say we were very happy about it and we spent a lot of time outside soaking up the Sun. It didn't last long, by last night the wind was howling and it was really stormy.
Cooper was happy about the sunshine too, I promise.

After we came inside Cooper decided that he wanted to get ready for easter.

Monday, March 17, 2008

Bikeriding Time

Mason is training for the Ragnar Wasatch Back Relay. The other night we got a bikeseat for Cooper so that we can ride alongside Mason when he runs everyday. Cooper loves it! These pictures are of Cooper helping Mason put the bikeseat together.

Because Cooper loves hats he even likes wearing his new helmet. He wore it around the house for like half an hour and then he got really mad when we took it off for bedtime. Cooper is such a silly boy, I love it.

Sunday, March 16, 2008

Cooper & His Daddy...

Cooper loves Mason soooooooooooo much, I think it is just the cutest thing in the world. I love watching the two of them when they are together. Mason is the funnest daddy and he is already Cooper's hero.

This is Cooper and Mason before church today.

In our new apartment there is a big window in our front room that looks out at the street, everyday when it is about time for Mason to get home I tell Cooper that "daddy" is coming home and he watches at the window until he gets home. These pictures are from yesterday. In the first 2 Cooper is sad (well heartbroken is probably a better word) because a car drove by that he thought was Mason and it didn't stop at our house.

Luckily, Mason got home right after the other car drove by. As you can see Cooper was much happier once he saw him.

When Cooper sees Mason drive up every day he gets so excited that he litteraly doesn't know what to do. He runs away, runs back, runs to the window, the door wherever he's so excited that he falls all over himself. Cooper really loves his daddy.

Tuesday, March 11, 2008


Cooper's newest word is "Elmo" he just started saying it the other day. For his birthday back in November my Mom got him the "Tickle Me Elmo Extreme" at first Cooper didn't really care all that much about it, but now he loves it! This morning I was sitting on the couch watching a little TV and he came up to me with his T.M.X. Elmo saying "Elmo Elmo Elmo" (he always says it in bursts of 3 or so) so I turned it on for him and he started cracking up. Then a few minutes later he found his Elmo dvd case and the dvd remote and brought them to me saying "elmo elmo elmo" and that's what we've been watching ever since.

"Okay mom I let you take my picture now leave me alone so I can watch Elmo & eat my doughnut."

Monday, March 10, 2008

3 cheers for sunshine...

Cooper & I had lots of fun today. We went out to lunch with Stacey & Pearl, then we went over to Pearl's house so that Cooper could play with her doggies. Pearl is a lucky little girl, she has 2 dogs! Cooper is very jealous, luckily Pearl doesn't mind sharing.
After playing at Pearl's house we came home and played in the backyard. It is a beautiful day and it is finally starting to feel like spring might be right around the corner. We are definately ready for spring, it has been a very long and snowy winter. Cooper loves that we have a backyard now. The only problem is that once he's out there it's hard to get him to come back in the house. We were outside for a LONG time. Cooper wanted to swing in the racecar swing my Dad gave him for about 4 hours, but that's okay because it sure felt great to have the sun shining on my back.

Thursday, March 6, 2008

Hats & Glasses

Lately Cooper loves putting stuff on his head, he thinks it's so fun to wear hats & glasses. Even if the "hats" are pants & envelopes. He is such a fun little guy, he always keeps us entertained.

Don't I Look Smart?

Wednesday, March 5, 2008

We've Moved to Bountiful & Joined Blogspot

I finally decided that I want to be like all the other cool kids so I started a blog. We have had a pretty crazy month. Mason found a job in a Dental Office that is willing to train him as a dental assistant it is a great opportunity and should be very helpful when he applies to Dental School. His new job is in Salt Lake, and it was a long drive during rush hour from Provo so we moved to Bountiful to be a lot closer. It works out pretty well because he only has a few classes in Provo right now and he'll be completely done at BYU next month!!!

We found an apartment and moved really fast and it has been a lot of work, but we are finally feeling somewhat settled. As you can see Cooper has been a great little helper.

Cooper loves our new apartment, we have have a backyard and we even have pet deer which is his favorite part. He calls them "Bubba" because Grandma and Grandpa have a dog named Bubba that Cooper is obsessed with so lately he calls every animal he sees "Bubba." the deer just wander around out there for some reason it's pretty cool.