Monday, May 23, 2011


Last weekend we went camping with our Church ward, the boys had an absolute blast! It was way too cold at night but the boys slept great, Mason and I were the ones tossing and turning all night, but I think that is just part of camping. This was Dane's first camp-out and he loved it, we'll definitely be camping more this summer.

Cooper loved collecting firewood.
Dirty little Bums

Mason trying to get Cooper to look at the camera and smile.
Dane loved collecting rocks and showing each one to us.... "Mommy, rock!"
I love these two boys! 
Cooper was fed up with me and my camera.

Cooper was super annoyed.
Mason reminded me of one of my Grandpa Burton's favorite sayings,
"You can ruin any good moment by taking out a camera." Cooper agrees.

Cooper found a flower and brought it to me all on his own.

Cooper and his good buddy, Isaac

As a service project we sanded and painted a gazillion wood blocks to send to children who don't have any toys,
and the guys planted trees around the campground.

Monday, May 16, 2011

Newport Beach

We spent Mother's Day afternoon enjoying beautiful Newport Beach.
The boys loved the pier, we saw 3 seals and two dolphins!

Dane didn't want to leave the pier, he loved watching the seals, birds and dolphins.

Cooper had a blast running away from the waves, until.... of the waves caught him and knocked him down.

It was a cold day, especially for us Vegas folk.
Poor Cooper.

What a fun Mother's Day! I am so blessed to have my two precious boys!

We had so much fun in California. 
We want to go back again this summer, when it's too hot here and perfect there.

I miss my Omi & Opi

While we were in California we stayed at a hotel in Irvine. Sunday Morning (Mother's Day) we drove by my Omi & Opi's old Irvine house, my Mom grew up in this house, it's where my parents met, and it's where my Omi and Opi lived until they moved to Oregon by my family when I was a teenager.  We got out and let the boys play at the park just down the street from Omi & Opi's house. Being at that park made me so happy, everything about it brought back so many happy memories with my Omi and all of my cousins, the smell was just like I remembered.  

My sweet Omi passed away from cancer two and a half years ago, and Opi just hasn't been the same ever since. Being at that place, remembering my wonderful grandparents when they were young and healthy was really fantastic. I am so blessed to be their granddaughter.

The pool was closed for remodeling, but it was so fun to see.
I have so many happy memories of Omi bringing my cousins and me swimming there.