Wednesday, November 25, 2009

My 26th Birthday

I had a great birthday, but I can't believe I'm 26... getting a little to close to 30!

My birthday was on Sunday this year so Mason took me out Saturday night. We went and saw "New Moon" and then went to the Olive Garden. It was so fun. That's the first time we've gone to dinner and a movie since before Dane was born 8 months ago. It was great to get to go on a real date with my hot hubby!
On Sunday Mason & the boys spoiled me. Mason made me a HUGE breakfast and a yummy dinner.
Mason made me pumpkin pie, my favorite!

Mason got me this adorable necklace.
I told him awhile ago that I wanted something like this.
He picked out the perfect one... I LOVE IT!
I feel so blessed to have the life that I do, to be married to such an amazing man and to have the two cutest little boys ever.

Friday, November 20, 2009

3 Very Cute Little Boys

Cooper & Dane are loving having their cousin Parker over for a little while today.

Monday, November 16, 2009

Cooper's Birthday

Yesterday was Cooper's third birthday. Mason took him on Saturday to see "Astro Boy" Cooper has been waiting months to see it, and they both LOVED it. Mason told me Saturday afternoon and I quote "I want to see Astro Boy again!" They both walk around saying lines from the movie, they're just too cute!After church yesterday we went to Mason's parents house and had a party with Cooper's cousins. We found a rocket pinata, and I made a rocket cake. The boys had a blast!

When Cooper saw the cake that I made for him he was sooooo excited and said "I love it Mom! Thank You! I really love it!" What a cutie!

Cooper kept sneaking frosting!
Distracting me with a kiss.

I can't believe my little tiny Cooper is really 3 years old!!!
I love you little man!

Sunday, November 15, 2009

My Baby is 3 years old today!

Cooper is 3 today! I can't believe it.
I love you so much Cooper! I am so thankful for you!
How did this happen?

PS- A special shoutout to my cousin Laurel who also share this awesome birthday! Happy Birthday Laurel!

Thursday, November 5, 2009


Dane's First Halloween!
Super Cousins!

Cooper got tired of waiting, & decided to let himself in.

Super Cooper was totally pooped by the time we got home.
Our brother-in-law Jordan's parents live in a very nice neighborhood, and that's where we went trick-or-treating this year, hence all the good stuff. We even got to meet Mr. & Mrs. Winchell, the donut people, they were so nice!
Thanks for inviting us to go with you Jordan & Janel!

"Pumpkin Patch"

The day before Halloween we went to what Las Vegas calls a "pumpkin patch." Cooper went on a couple of rides and had lots of fun, it was just a lot different than the pumpkin patches we are used to going to in Utah. The ones here are just vacant lots where they have a bunch of pumpkins & rides set up, in Utah they are actual farms. We left with two very overpriced pumpkins for Cooper & Dane, we paid almost as much for those two pumpkins as we paid last year for a whole wheelbarrow full of pumpkins in Utah.
They weren't really cooperating

"What happened to Cooper's head?" you ask
He fell off of the counter in our kitchen.