Wednesday, August 26, 2009

The Rocket Bribe

Lately we've had a really hard time getting Cooper to go #2 in the potty lately, so we have turned to bribery. Mason brought Cooper to Hobby Town and they picked out a model rocket together, now whenever Cooper goes #2 in the potty they get to go to the desert to launch the rocket. Cooper loves his rocket so much that he even sleeps with it. Mason sure enjoys this bribe too. Like father, like son. I sure love these boys!

He's still amazingly stubborn, but it has definitely helped. We love you, you cute little stinker!

Tuesday, August 25, 2009

A Month Full of Firsts...

First Time Rolling Over!
Dane Learned how to roll over 2 days before he turned 4 months old.
At first he was only rolling from his tummy to back, but now he's rolling both ways!
Cooper was VERY proud of his baby brother after he rolled over for the first time.

First time eating something other than Mommy's milk!
yummy! yummy!
First time swimming!
We love you so much little Dane.
We are so excited that you can doing so many fun things...
....especially Cooper.
He can't wait for you to be running around playing with him!
Just don't grow up too fast!!!

Sunday, August 9, 2009

Our Trip To Oregon

Here are a million pictures from the trip we took to Oregon a couple of weeks ago to visit my family.

We flew for over 2 hours with 2 little boys...
This was Dane's first time flying. He was fussy for the first half, but then he fell asleep.
Cooper was great the whole time, thank goodness for our video ipod.
It was fun to fly with Cooper because he's old enough to get excited about it now. Before we went he told my mom on the phone we were flying on a "rocket ship not a airplane" When we took off he said we were going to see the planets and when we landed he said "we're going back to earth mommy." He learned that from Little Einsteins. Funny boy.

Jamie turned 10 while we were there...

Cooper kept sneaking a fingerfull of frosting
Cooper with Grammy & Gramps
Mason & Jared

We played in the Backyard everyday...

Cooper had a blast on the big inflatable waterslide

Cooper loves his sweet Aunty Jayla
Jalidia got Baptized...
We love you Jalidia, and we're so happy for you.

I love my cute Opi!

We went Jetskiing...
Next time you can come too Dane

Thanks for the cookies Grammy

Cooper & Aunty Janessa

We went to Cannon Beach...

Cooper loved running away from the waves
What goodlooking boys
Jason & Josh got completely burried. You could only see their noses when we were finished.

Cooper thought it was so cool to cover uncle Jason & uncle Josh with sand.

We went on our honeymoon to Cannon beach 4 1/2 years ago, it's always so fun to go back
Cooper had fun getting burried
Mason Had fun Skimboarding even though the water was so icy cold that it stung.
Dane with Aunty Jennalise
Dane & Grammy
We made Hotdogs and S'mores

Dane & Jasmine

Cooper & Janessa

Dane with his beautiful aunties, Jasmine & Janessa

Cooper & Aunty Jillian Had so much fun playing together the whole time. It was so cute. Cooper kept saying "where's mine Jilli" when he couldn't find her.

We had a blast!