Tuesday, May 6, 2008

Las Vegas

This weekend Mason had Friday off of work so we decided to put our 3 day weekend to good use, so we went to Las Vegas to see Mason's family. It was so fun, sunny & warm, it snowed here at our house the morning we left so it was hard to believe how warm it was there (it was in the 80's). The whole time we were there I think that Cooper and his cousin Drew were going 300 miles a minute, they both have LOTS of energy. It made us laugh to think of all of the mischief they will get into together a few years down the road. It was great to see our nephew Parker, we hadn't seen him since he was a few weeks old, he is so cute. Cooper has another cousin named Trey, who is just 3 months older than him but he was out of town while we were there, we missed you Bunkers! Anyway, we had a blast and we wish that we were still there playing.

The two bottom pictures on the right are of Cooper climbing the fence at the airport while we were watching planes.


Anonymous said...

Sorry we weren't around! We missed seeing you guys too. We can't wait for the cabin in a few weekends. It looks like Cooper had a blast while down here!

The Carter Family said...

you got so many cute pictures! We had so much fun with you guys! I especially like the pictures where Drew is hugging Cooper just becuase he is rarely affectionate with any one, and if he's ever that close to another kid, he's usually pushing them down! They were so cute together.

And, Lizzy, Doyle, Logan, & #3 said...

Cooper is so cute! Little Boys are cuter than girls even if they cant wear dresses!