Monday, April 28, 2008

Just Like Daddy

Lately, Cooper wants to be just like Mason. He tries to do everything he does. It's so funny to me that Cooper isn't even 18 months old yet, but his dad is already his hero.

Yesterday after church, Mason got out one of his remote control cars. Cooper thought it was so awesome, and wanted to play with it all day, he was pretty mad when the battery went dead.
We have our scooter parked in the driveway we haven't even used it since we moved here, but somehow Cooper has a little boy sixth sense that tells him it's cool. Every time he has a chance he runs to it and climbs right on, and it's very hard to pry him off. Well, yesterday Mason finally got me to give in and let him take Cooper on his first scooter ride. We rode slowly around the neighborhood with Cooper sandwiched between us. Needless to say Cooper LOVED it and didn't want to get off. Cooper is 100% boy, and makes his daddy very, very proud.


Anonymous said...

So funny. Trey has that same shirt, but I didn't know they came in big boy sizes too for Mason to wear! Did they match on purpose!? They are seriously so cute together.

The Carter Family said...

ah, the scooter. I remember Mason taking Drew for a little ride when he was about Coopers age, when you guys lived by that church parking lot. By the way, a big THANK YOU for the trains you sent down for Drew's Birthday. He loves them of course, and is in heaven when he gets any new ones!