Monday, May 12, 2008

Freaky Friday

Friday was a really weird day. Mason leaves every morning around 7 and on Friday while I was still laying in bed I heard the back door swing open, it made my heart stop. About two weeks ago when I woke up I went in the kitchen and the back door was wide open. Both times the knob was still locked. My dad says that the wind probably just blew it open, but the wind has never blown the door open during the day. I probably wouldn't be so freaked out, but my next door neighbor (who we share the duplex with) really gives me the creeps anyway. Well, I just didn't want to be home all day while Mason was gone, so I called my friend Stacey we went out to lunch and then went over to her parents house to hangout for a few hours (something weird happened to her too so we didn't want to be at either of our houses). It ended up being a fun day and Cooper sure enjoyed playing with cute little Pearl.

P.S. Mason installed 2 extra locks on the back door & alarms on all the windows that night


Kelly and Stacey said...

That really did turn out to be quite a fun day! I'm so glad Mason installed extra security. You can call me to hide out anytime :)

Christy Herbert said...

Is that Stacey's daughter?? I didn't know she had a daughter, she is adorable!