Tuesday, May 27, 2008

Freezing Cold Cabin Fun

Mason's family has a cabin on Kolob Reservoir down by Zion National Park. We all went for Memorial Day Weekend (except for the Bunker's because it's too close to Janel's due date). We were so excited, going to the cabin is always kind of like a kick off to summer, not this year. It was FREEZING cold the whole time, it felt like the beginning of winter rather than the beginning of summer. It was snowing on and off all weekend. Oh well we still had a blast, we just had to wear a lot more layers than we had planned on.

Such a tough little man-child

Target Practice (they were shooting at a dead mouse)

Cooper & Drew had tons of fun playing together all weekend. Cooper even learned how to yell (not say) "Drew" and he would yell it over and over when he couldn't see Drew.

Like I said, we had to wear a LOT of layers. Cooper is such a stud, he already loves the 4-wheelers. We went for a really long ride with Cooper between us and he fell asleep and slept for close to an hour while we drove around, I guess he likes being bounced allover the place while he sleeps. I kept wondering what he was dreaming about, those must have been some crazy dreams.

This is Cooper & his cute little cousin Parker. It's kind of hard to get two little boys to look at the camera.
Cooper's first time shooting the paintball gun.
Mason & Dennis even managed to squeeze in a training run for the Wasatch Back Relay.
C is for Chasqui. Go Team Chasqui !!!


Melissa King said...

What fun memories for Cooper. I love his Quicksilver shirt and Hurley hat. What a stud. I can't believe he fell asleep on the 4 wheeler...how sweet!

Kristen said...

Oh my word! We were totally at the cabin too. I thought about you guys and wondered if you would be there, and you totally were! That's so funny. We need to meet up sometime!

Anonymous said...

Sorry we missed seeing you guys, again. All we hear is how cold it was, but it still looked like fun. Wish we could have been there. Thanks for all the pictures! Trey liked looking at all the pictures of the boys.