Monday, May 2, 2011

100% Binky Free

The week before Dane turned two I decided that it was time to take Dane's binkies away, I decided it would be nicer if we waited until after his birthday to do it. So two days after Dane turned two I cut the nipples off of all of his binkies. He did a lot better than I thought he would, for a couple of days he still wanted to hold the binky in his hand while he slept even though he couldn't suck on it.  Naptime is a lot more of a hassle now, and he wakes up earlier in the mornings but his speech has improved a lot! I should have taken it away like a year ago, but I guess that I was scared to.
As a replacement for his binkies we bought Dane this glow in the dark teddy bear.
I love seeing Dane's handsome face without those darn binkies in his mouth.

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