Monday, April 4, 2011

Baby Dane is 2!

My little man, Dane turned 2 yesterday and I seriously can't believe it! I am so thankful for my Dane and the blessing that he is in my life. Dane is such a sweet boy, we are very blessed to have him in our family.

Prepare yourself for picture and video overload

I love this handsome little man

Dane and his cinnamon roll breakfast

Cooper told Dane to make a silly face

Mason asked Dane how old he is... we're still working on holding up two fingers

Dane loves the motorcycle from Grammy & Gramps

Dane loves dogs. This is my attempt at a dog cake.

Dane & Cooper both love the book from Grandma & Grandpa
The book has Grandma's voice recorded, reading the whole book.

Who doesn't love to watch someone else's thrilling home videos? Here are a bunch for your viewing pleasure.  ;)

The next post is also about Dane's birthday festivities.


Stacey said...

How is this happening!!!!! I can't believe he's two! He is a little heart-breaker. SO cute. Your dog cake is awesome! Good job Jess :)

the duffsters said...

I LOVE all the pictures! What a fun birthday! I love the cute cake you did. You alway do the cutest cakes. Maybe you can make my kids cakes for their birthdays?? Ok, thanks! :) Happy Birthday Dane, We love you buddy!

Isabelle said...

great pictures - so fun! happy birthday to such a handsome dude ... happy birthday Dane!!!!!!

Stephanie Córdova said...

Jessica, you have got the cutest boys! It's crazy to see our families growing up after we grew up together! You have such a beautiful family :)