Monday, May 16, 2011

I miss my Omi & Opi

While we were in California we stayed at a hotel in Irvine. Sunday Morning (Mother's Day) we drove by my Omi & Opi's old Irvine house, my Mom grew up in this house, it's where my parents met, and it's where my Omi and Opi lived until they moved to Oregon by my family when I was a teenager.  We got out and let the boys play at the park just down the street from Omi & Opi's house. Being at that park made me so happy, everything about it brought back so many happy memories with my Omi and all of my cousins, the smell was just like I remembered.  

My sweet Omi passed away from cancer two and a half years ago, and Opi just hasn't been the same ever since. Being at that place, remembering my wonderful grandparents when they were young and healthy was really fantastic. I am so blessed to be their granddaughter.

The pool was closed for remodeling, but it was so fun to see.
I have so many happy memories of Omi bringing my cousins and me swimming there.

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