Tuesday, January 18, 2011

Live Nativity

One of the Stakes here in Las Vegas puts on a live Nativity play each year in December, we brought the boys to it with some friends and it was really beautifully done. Cooper has been in love with the story of baby Jesus ever since going to the live Nativity. He loved seeing all of the animals, especially the real donkey that Mary rode on. After the play was done they invited the children up to see the set, the animals etc. I was really touched that the first thing Cooper wanted to see was the Baby Jesus, he couldn't wait! All through December when Cooper's friends Kenna or Kallie would come over all they wanted to do was act out the real story of Christmas, kids are so innocent and sweet, I love it!

Kenna, Kallie, Cooper and Dane
Kenna and Kallie are two of Cooper's best little friends.

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jackie said...

I love these pics! That was a fun night! I love how all they wanted to do after that was play Mary, Joseph, & Jesus. Cute! You're such great friends!