Saturday, January 16, 2010

Fun in AZ

The week after Christmas we met up with my family at my Aunt's house in Arizona. We had lots of fun, it was great seeing my family and my Aunt & Uncle and cousins, it was a party everyday. Too bad that one of the only times anyone took out the camera was when we were all in our jammies, oh well, at least we got some pictures.

Uncle Jared has got to be one of the coolest Uncles in the history of Uncles.

Cooper & Jackson(my cousin's little boy) watching a movie.
Dane & beautiful Aunty Jalidia
Poor Cooper threw up 8 times one of the days we were there. Here he is sleeping in sweet Aunty Jennalise's arms. Jennalise is always so good with my boys.

Jilli knows a cute guy when she sees one. She kept snuggling up to Mason.
Aunty Jilli & Dane
Aunty Jayla & Dane
Grammy & Dane
Gramps & Cooper

When my family was about to leave, Cooper snuck into the R.V. and climbed into bed with Grammy. He was ready to drive to Oregon with my family, he was absolutely heartbroken when I took him from my mom.
Dane with my cousin Laurel
While we were there I asked Mason to grow some scruff...
...gotta love the scruff.

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