Monday, January 25, 2010


Mason ran his first Half Marathon Saturday morning, that's 13.1 miles! Wow, that's far! He did awesome, and had an overall pace of 8:32/mile.
Mason with his boys before the race
Ready to go
Mason & his brother Warren right after starting

Cooper watching Mason from the car

Almost There!
They Did it!

Heather & I wanted a picture of the guys jumping in the air.
Maybe next time we'll take the jumping picture BEFORE they run over 13 miles!

Way to go Mason!!!


Morgan said...

Jessica, great pics of the race. Mason and Warren did awesome.

the duffsters said...

Great post! Way to go MASON! Thanks for all the great pics you took of Warren too, I am going to post them soon! :)

Ryan said...

Good job Mason! That is a great pace for your first of many half marathons. I am just curious... I know your families running team is Chasquai or something... what is it and what does it mean? Good job to the support staff too.. you do a great job Jessica!

Stacey said...

Awesome! I like the jumping picture.

breeze said...

Great pictures and way to go Mason! Love the jumping shot!

The Burtons said...

you and your bro.Warren need to come run the hood to coast and come visit us!

You guys would be jumpin for sure!

Then you and Jessica could stay at a litttle honeymoon cottage!
(our treat)
Hugs from mama mel!

Ryan said...

Mason, I could see you really getting into the Warrior Dash. Hehe.. check it out and let me know what you think.