Sunday, October 25, 2009

Two Cute Super Heroes!

Last night was our ward trunk-or-treat.
Cooper & Dane looked so cute!

Cooper LOVES his "Super Cooper" costume.
Dane can fly

Mason's mom made Cooper and a few of his cousins capes for Halloween. I made a rocket to put on his cape and shirt. His costume turned out so cute I couldn't resist making a matching costume for Dane. So I made Dane's cape & stuff yesterday, I wanted to make one for Mason & me but ran out of time.
Cooper absolutely loves his costume, he wears his cape everywhere we go and was heartbroken when we didn't let him wear it to church today. He runs around all day saying "I'm here to save the day!" Yesterday Mason told Cooper a story about a girl stuck on top of a building and Super Cooper rescues her and she gives him a hug (Cooper joined in and said "and a kiss") Cooper has told us the story a couple of times now and he told Grammy on the phone, and every time he tells it he says "the girl gave Super Cooper a hug and a kiss" Yikes... he's not even 3 yet!


the duffsters said...

LOVE the costumes!!! Cooper is the funniest kid... I want to hear him tell the story. Also, I REALLY think you should make yourself a super hero costume, you guys could be the Incredible Duff's!

And, Lizzy, Doyle, Logan, and Andy said...

those super costumes are super cute! I love them! I might just have to copy you for some dree up costumes! Cooper and Dane look really cute!

Stacey said...

They turned out so cute!! Good job Jess. I love the tight little pants.

Ryan said...

Your boys make for good superheros. Cant wait to hear the next chapter to Super Coopers saga.

Stan & Isabelle said...

so cute ... what fun halloween is. you are just an adorabel momma!!