Thursday, November 5, 2009

"Pumpkin Patch"

The day before Halloween we went to what Las Vegas calls a "pumpkin patch." Cooper went on a couple of rides and had lots of fun, it was just a lot different than the pumpkin patches we are used to going to in Utah. The ones here are just vacant lots where they have a bunch of pumpkins & rides set up, in Utah they are actual farms. We left with two very overpriced pumpkins for Cooper & Dane, we paid almost as much for those two pumpkins as we paid last year for a whole wheelbarrow full of pumpkins in Utah.
They weren't really cooperating

"What happened to Cooper's head?" you ask
He fell off of the counter in our kitchen.


Jen Gray said...

Your boys are SO darling Jess!! Poor Mason's head, that is SO sad!
JEN xoxo

Jen Gray said...

I meant Cooper's head, LOL!