Monday, June 29, 2009

Ragnar Wasatch Back Relay - 188 MILES!

On June 19-20 Mason ran the Ragnar Wasatch Back relay. The relay is 188 miles long, it starts in Logan and finishes in Park City, Utah. Just like last year he ran for Team Chasqui, the team is made up of 12 people, his brother Warren and two brothers-in-law Jordan & Dennis are also on the team (Jordan started the team) as well as his cousin & her husband. Each person runs three legs of the race. Mason's first leg was 3.5 miles then 9.6 miles and his final leg was 3.6 miles. He started running his 2nd leg sometime around 3 in the morning. Do you have any idea how far 9.6 miles is? And running it in the middle of the night,. The relay slogan is "Run. Drive. Sleep? Repeat." His last leg was 3.6 miles, which isn't very long (further than I can run) but it was classified as "very hard" because it was a "severe uphill climb" ouch! Mason is my hero!

Team Chasqui finished in 29 hours 39 minutes shaving 20 minutes off of last years time! Not only that, this years race was 7 miles longer than last year's race and they still managed to beat their time!

Way To Go Everyone!

ps: Thank you Allan for a lot of the pictures.


Stephanie said...

Way cute pictures Jessica. I love the one of you and cooper behind daddy! Sounds a lot like Hood to Coast we do here in Oregon. I did it a couple years ago on a team with Lindsey and Monica. You start at Timberline and end in Seaside. 126 miles and soooo fun!

Mandi said...

What a small world it is. I ran the Wasatch Back, and I ran leg 9 which just happens to be the same leg as Mason. Not only that I was at the finish line right as the clouds broke also. I wish I would have known guys were doing it. It would have been so fun to meet up for a second. Hey did you know RoseAnna ran in it too?? Oh yeah and we finished in 29 hours and 20 minutes. I probably ran some of the legs at the same time as Mason. I am so sad we didn't bump into each other, Maybe Wasatch Back 2010???

laurdacooj said...

yea! way to go Mason!!!! and what alucky guy to have such a great cheering squad! whoopee!!!!

J.B. said...

In this case, "severe uphill climb" means a 7.6% gradient. Absolutely nuts, but Mason killed it. I took some pics of it and they're on the flickr page.

RoseAnna said...

way to go Mason. I think that race is the most awesome thing I have ever done!! I ran leg 3. I love the pictures. Awesome!! We're running in Vegas and would love to see you if you have time!!!