Tuesday, June 10, 2008

My Little Cookie Monster

Yesterday I made some cookies. They didn't really turn out because I was missing some ingredients, but that's okay Cooper sure enjoyed them. After I had taken the first batch out of the oven and they were cooling on the counter, Cooper came in with a little step stool that had been in the backyard. He put the step stool right up to the counter where the cookies were and that's where he spent the next 20 minutes or so, munching on cookies that he thought were delicious.


Kelly and Stacey said...

He's so cute Jess!

stanfordpacker said...

Cooper is getting cuter and cuter. You can come visit soon, I know that you will be going to Mesa AZ!!
Love ya - aunty isabelle

laurdacooj said...

what a cute, smart dude! Please come down and visit! Our boys could have so so much fun!

p.s. I heard your not going to Oregon anymore, so now I'm not either!

And, Lizzy, Doyle, Logan, & #3 said...

Cooper is one smart kid!