Tuesday, June 24, 2008

Cousin Buddies

Cooper missed playing with Trey & Parker, but he had so much fun with Drew this weekend while the Carters were at our house. They had the most fun spitting water over the edge of the little playground. The hose was up there by them and Drew kept filling his mouth up with water and spitting it out as far as he could, Cooper thought that it was HILARIOUS, and it wasn't long before he joined in and was spitting too. They stood there spitting for about a half an hour, they stopped of course once I tried to get a video of it. Boys, Boys, Boys we just wonder what it will be like when Janel has a little girl (the first in the family) in a few weeks. How will a girl survive with four crazy boys?

You can tell they had fun just by looking at all the toys on the floor.

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Anonymous said...

LOVE that first picture!! I think you should send it in to a magazine or something. And yes, I'm scared for this baby girl. She won't know what hit her when she comes into this family full of boys!!