Friday, September 17, 2010

My Little Soccer Player

It's official, I am now a Soccer Mom! Cooper had his first Soccer practice yesterday! Cooper's cousin, Parker is on his team, it's going to be a blast. It was so much fun to watch all these 3 year olds running around trying to play soccer. When practice was over Cooper said "Mom, that was so much fun!" When we got home Cooper went right to the backyard and practiced for about 45 minutes, he wanted me to keep blowing the whistle like the coach (one whistle means go, two means stop), and he kept asking Mason to build him a goal. It's fun to see Cooper so excited, but it sure was hard to get him to come inside for the night! 


The Burtons said...

OH MY GOODNESS! I'm giggling out loud. He is so so adorable....just way too CUTE! I want to hug him and never let go!
We all need to come and cheer for our little soccer player! And how fun to have his cute cousin Parker on the same Team... the "Duff Team"

Oh wow, Grammy sure loves her Cooper...hugs kisses and more hugs!

Megan said...

I can't believe how big he's grown! I love your family. Hope you guys are doing well. Ryan and I need your email address(s) so we can send you an invite to our family blog. We want to keep in touch! meganlahayes at gmail dot com Thanks!