Tuesday, September 28, 2010

Cooper's 1st Soccer Game

Cooper had his first soccer game on Saturday, it was lots of fun to watch. It was really hot and Cooper was grumpy at first but once he started playing he did great and had a lot of fun. He even scored an awesome goal! Go Sharks!

Cooper's Grandma & Grandpa came to watch and Grandpa took lots of great pictures for us. Thanks Allan!
Cooper's Team: The Sharks

Cooper means business. Check out the clenched fists.


This cute little girl was an awesome little soccer player. She probably scored like 15 goals. After the game when the teams shook hands Cooper told her "You're.. You're just too good."

 Cooper was upset that he tried to score a goal and it didn't work.
He kept telling us "It just won't work!"

Cooper getting some tips from the Coach.


Anonymous said...

Cooper is so funny! Glad he had fun!

The Burtons said...

O.K. Grammy is looking at these cute,cute pictures trying not to cry! I really want to be there and hug my two grandsons.
I really need a big COOPER hug so much today! I can't stand it....I miss my little COOPER so,so much! I have to come hug him right now!
SUPER DUPER COOPER is the cutest soccer player I've ever seen... way too cute! So adorable!
I love and miss you all~
Sending lots of big hugs to all of you for a happy day!

Mandi said...

those are some great action shots you got, it looks like he totally knows what he is doing. Their uniforms are super cute too!

laurdacooj said...

so cute! I wish we lived near each other so our boys could play together!!

Ryan said...

Cooper looked like he was enjoying himself, well besides when things didnt work out. Great pictures and cute kid.

jackie said...

What a cute little soccer player!! He looks like he really knows what he is doing. It would be fun to watch him sometime!

Janice said...

Hi Kids,
Everyone (including my brother, Larry Manwaring, in Virginia) has been telling my about the incredible Duff site. Finally, I forgot all the busy things on my desk to be done and went there. It IS SO INCREDIBLE! What a treasure this will be for all of you when little Cooper and Dane are grown. We miss all of you. We didn't see you enough while you were here, and now we really are sorry. Grandpa is confined to a wheelchair all of the time now and I have more than ever to do. I guess it keeps me strong. I'm glad I can do it for him. Love you all, Grandma Burton