Tuesday, December 22, 2009

Winter Fun in Cedar City

Mason had finals a couple of weeks ago, he had really hard classes this semester but managed to get straight A's, Yay Mason!!! After finals we needed a little time to relax and have some fun as a family so we headed up to Mason's parent's Cedar City house for the weekend. They were there with us for part of the time too, and we had a really nice time.

It was great to enjoy some real winter weather, we don't get that here in Las Vegas and it really helped us get into the festive Christmas mood. Cedar City had a cute little Christmas parade that we went to, Cooper loved it!

I promise that we brought mittens for Cooper, but the cute little stinker refused to wear them. Cute little Dane peeking out.

We had a blast playing in the snow! We took turns pulling each other on the innertube behind the car with Cooper on our laps, but it didn't take long before the innertube got a hole in it and lost all of it's air...bummer!
I Love my hot hubby!
Then we tied Cooper's tiny sled behind the 4-wheeler and pulled it around. Cooper LOVED it and we pulled him FOREVER.

I wasn't as good as Mason at pulling Cooper, for some reason he kept tipping over when I pulled him. He didn't care at all, he just kept getting back on for more.
My turn for a ride.
The Frosty friend we made.
Cooper loved shoveling the snow.
He accidently poured it right down his neck. Oops!

Such a fun boy! It will be so fun when Dane is big enough to play in the snow with Cooper next year!


Ryan said...

What a fun post. Yeah, Cora has the same problem with her mittens.. they can never stay on.. that also goes for her shoes, socks and everything else! Enjoy your holidays! Wish we were closer.

Stacey said...

Snow down the neck... nothing worse. Looks like you guys had a blast.