Thursday, December 10, 2009

The Great Santa Run 5k

On Saturday I ran in my first 5k, The Great Santa Run. A couple of months ago Mason's sisters Janel & Alison told me they were going to run it, and got me motivated to do it too. It was so fun! Now I'm kind of hooked on running, I want to train to run a 10k now. I hate running while I'm actually doing it, but it feels so good afterwards! Mason has been running for awhile now and it's really fun to be doing it with him!

Mason pushed Cooper in the jogging stroller and Mason's fun parents pushed Dane, they walked the 1 mile walk. Cooper thought it was hilarious seeing all of the Santas everywhere. He was cracking up and cheering, he loved it!
Finish Line

Grandma at the finish line
Grandma & Grandpa each pushed a double stroller
Dane, you cute little elf!
Alison & I with our cute babies

Our little group of Santas

There were nearly 9,000 Santas! It took a few minutes just to cross the starting line, and we had to walk the first 1/2 mile because it was too crowded to run at first. It was such a fun event!


Mandi said...

How fun, I am totally jealous. you guys look so cute in your costumes. I am happy for you that you joined the running world. Just to warn you though, it is VERY addicting. It is noon and I haven't run yet today and I am feeling sooo guilty. I need to move to VEgas. Blast this Idaho weather. It has been a high of about 3 degrees all week. I wish we could have winter races here, there is nothing around here until about April.

And, Lizzy, Doyle, Logan, and Andy said...

Cute pictures! I love all your clothes!