Monday, July 27, 2009

Burton Family Pictures

We just got back last night from an 8-day trip to Oregon to visit my family. We had an absolute blast playing all week! Cooper was running all over like a mad-man the whole time playing with all of his cute aunties and awesome uncles. Cooper & Dane sure are lucky boys to have so many aunts & uncles that love playing with them!

While we were there we took family pictures.

It was Cooper's naptime. We gave him a lollipop to bribe him to stay in the pictures.

All of my cute brothers & sisters

All of the girlies
All of the studly boys

At least Dane smiled.

Many more pictures from our trip to Oregon still to come.


The Burtons said...


laurdacooj said...

I love your family! What great pictures! I can't wait to see more! Love you!!

Stacey said...

My mom and I decided that your family always has the best family pictures. They turned out so cute, once again.

Stan & Isabelle said...

these are sooooo cute - you guys rock and I have to admit I really miss the family! you are so cute jessica as is your family.

Daniel and Monica Long said...

I love your family! Opa is SOOOO cute! I miss Omi, she was so wonderful Jessica. But I really miss you! Your family is beautiful and I know you're such a good mother! Teach me your skills!