Thursday, March 12, 2009

Well Done Alison!!!

My sister-in-law Alison and I both got pregnant around the same time, our due dates were only 2 weeks apart, but she was pregnant with twins so the due date doesn't really count for much. Alison had her 2 beautiful babies on Tuesday and all is well, she did a great job of keeping those babies in as long as possible. Benson Tate and Lia Kate were 4lbs 10oz and 4lbs 11oz. They are absolutely precious and beautiful little miracles. Well done and congratulations Alison & Dennis! (I hope you guys don't mind that I borrowed this picture from your blog)

This picture of Alison & I was taken on Sunday, just 2 days before she had her babies.

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Kelly and Stacey said...

They are SO adorable. I love their names too. How exciting. That means you're getting very close to holding little Dane in your arms!