Monday, March 9, 2009

Thanks Mom

Two weeks ago my mom flew down here from Oregon to see our new place and to help us get things ready for our baby to come. It was so much fun to have her here, and we had a blast shopping and hanging out, but like always her visit flew by and it was over too soon. Thank you so much mom, I love you!

While she was here we set up the changing table and that day Cooper climbed onto it and stayed there for like an hour pretending that he was a baby and begging me to put one of the tiny newborn diapers on him. He also found one of the new pacifiers that we bought and started sucking on it and freaked out when we took it away, what a silly boy.

Cooper had a blast playing with Grammy all weekend and having a slumber party with her in his room.


Josie said...

Jess, I love seeing pics of your Mom. I miss you guys so much, your whole family! Your Mom looks great. How is she feeling? That is awesome she was able to make a trip down to spend that time with you. And that is so cute- Cooper in the picture between you guys, I love it!

Kelly and Stacey said...

That looks like so much fun, your mom is so great, and always makes everything fun. Cute pictures too. Your boys have one hip little grandma.

The Burtons said...

Thanks Jessi for the fun post about *grammy* visiting(I feel so special)....We sure had lots of fun...wish I could come again this weekend and play with COOPER....I miss him soo much!
Can hardly wait for the day when I get to come hug teeny tiny little *DANE*...when he decides to come out of your tummy and let us all see how cute he is!
I love you lots!
xo xo