Wednesday, August 24, 2011

Visiting Daddy at Work

 Today is Mason's last day working as a Dental Assistant at Anthem Pediatric Dentistry. He starts Dental School on Monday, at UNLV School of Dental Medicine, so he will be a professional student for the next 4 years. Mason wanted to get Cooper and Dane in for a Dental Exam and cleaning before he quits, so I brought them in yesterday. This was Dane's first visit to the dentist, but Cooper is a pro, and set an awesome example for his little brother!

Cooper was perfect the whole time, he let Dr. Cox check his teeth, Mason clean his teeth, Geralyn take x-rays, he even let Dr. Cox and Mason replace a filling that had gone bad  (it had some decay underneath it), Cooper let them do it and held perfectly still without any kind of sedation or numbing. 
Pretty darn impressive for a 4 year old, if you ask me.

Dane held perfectly still for his exam and cleaning.
Good job little man!
Dane let Mason put sealants on 4 of his teeth.
He got a little wiggly by the end, but he did awesome for a 2 year old!
Dane was so proud of himself afterwards.  I can't believe how big my little guy is getting!



Ryan said...

Well congrats on the new beginnings! What a wonderful reason to move on from a place of employment, wish you guys the best. Remember that graduate school is a family effort.

Josie said...

What good boys! Good luck to you and Mason with dental school!