Friday, September 18, 2009

Fun Fun Fun at the Cabin

A couple of weekends back we went to the cabin. No one else in Mason's family could go, so it was just us. It was the first time we've gone just us and we had a great time playing, relaxing and enjoying a break from the scorching Las Vegas heat.Thanks Allan & Joanne we sure enjoyed ourselves.

It was Dane's first time riding the 4-wheelers. We went on a few really long rides, Dane & I on one and Cooper & Mason on the other 4-wheeler. Dane loved it, and Dane fell asleep just like Cooper did when he was a baby. Cooper kept yelling "faster, faster!" One of the rides I took Cooper on he was super excited and yelled "We're at Disneyland, this is Disneyland!" then he said "Can you say we're at Disneyland mommy?" So I yelled it too.

There was a big forest fire while we were there. It was really far away but there's was tons of smoke in the sky, so it made for a pretty cool sunset and a red moon.

Mason & Cooper forgot to tell Dane to look at the cool moon.

We made friends with some horny toads
Once Cooper discovered where the horny toads lived he thought it was the funnest thing in the world to catch them over and over.

Cooper found where we were keeping the treats!


Stan & Isabelle said...

you are all so cute - those boys are so fun, just like mom & dad!

Anonymous said...

Looks like fun! Those pictures with the toads are so cute. And might I say that I love the boys' faces on your page header?! That cracks me up. It is such a pain to get a family picture with everyone smiling.

Josie said...

How cute and fun! I love the Disneyland part! That is so funny! Darling boys Jess!

Mandi said...

why do you have to be so skinny?? I am not sure we can be friends anymore because of it. Sorry. Just kidding.

Ryan said...

Cute family! Hope you guys are doing well.

Stacey said...

Looks like a fun trip!! I love that Cooper is such a boy! Pearl would die if she had a horny toad on her.

The Burtons said...

I didn't think anything was cuter than a horney toad, but I was obviously wrong! They're such dang cute little boys!

lotsa love from Gramps!