Wednesday, July 16, 2008

What goes on while Mom's in the shower?

The other day I left Cooper watching a movie while I took a shower. Everything is baby proofed, so how much trouble could he could get into? Well when I was about to get out I heard him crying pretty hard like something was wrong.
When I came to check on him this is what I found:
He had climbed onto the T.V. stand and had gotten stuck on the little ledge in front of the T.V. Once I was there to help him he was pretty darn proud of himself, but before I came to the rescue I think he was a little scared he'd be stuck there for awhile. Or was he just upset that he couldn't figure out how to get on top of the actual T.V.?


Jordan said...

Cooper is hilarious! My kids are mischievious, too, and I love it. It's a lot more fun, even though it is also a lot more work to clean up their messes sometimes!

laurdacooj said...

oh my goodness- boys are so crazy, in a fun way! When we were in Oregon your mom kept saying how much Jackson and Cooper are alike- and I totally see it in this picture!! ah aha ahahah! I'm glad it didn't fall on him, thats really no fun at all!!!

Kristen said...

Hah! I'm glad Kate has never been that interested in climbing stuff. I think it's cause she's a girl. I guess we'll see how Jonas does when he gets older!