Thursday, March 6, 2008

Hats & Glasses

Lately Cooper loves putting stuff on his head, he thinks it's so fun to wear hats & glasses. Even if the "hats" are pants & envelopes. He is such a fun little guy, he always keeps us entertained.

Don't I Look Smart?


Cole and Mindy Smith said...

Holy Moly...he looks just like you I think! I have never seen your husband though, so I might be biased! he is SO freakin cute!

Anonymous said...

Yea!! We are so excited you started a blog so we can keep in touch better. We miss Cooper (and you guys of course too.) Now Trey can look at pictures of his cousin all the time.

The Carter Family said...

Love the new blog! It's so funny how the littlest things make Cooper so happy!